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    I seem to have gotten one of the more crash-prone units. I am contemplating doing a Hard Reset to hopefully correct the problem.

    Question is, can I use Wireless Synch to fully 'reinstall' all my Calendar and Contact info? I don't care about other apps as I can reinstall then one-by-one later on.

    Any issues I need to be aware of before the Hard Reset?

    any advise, as always, is greatly appreciated.
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    It should work just fine for Calendar and Contacts, but if it were me, right before I hard reset I would also fire up Outlook and use ActiveSync to back up the data just in case. You don't want to normally sync PIM info with both ActiveSync and Wireless sync, of course, but that might not be a bad idea for an extra layer of protection right before you wipe the device.
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    Yep, it'll work. You may want to do the wireless sync, then check the wireless sync website and view your contacts just to make sure there aren't any duplicates.

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