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    vmail icon showing that I have messages even when mailbox is empty. anyone else?
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    Try this: Call and leave yourself a message on the phone, then retrieve it and delete it. That has worked for me in the past.
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    Phantom voicemails have been happening to me every day. A real voicemail triggers the notification and it stays after the voicemail is deleted. I am sure that it is the device and not the service as I am a long time Verizon customer. I think I know how to get rid of it but the fixes are inconvenient...erasing all saved vm"s, leaving myself messages, changing the system options and then reverting them back. Has anyone else been experiencing this? Does anyone know of a solution?
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    What happens if you just cycle the radio (phone) OFF-to-ON? I'm on Verizon also and my icon turns off within 30 seconds of listening to my messages. I think I had a phone once where the icon didn't turn off right away but there was an option under the message function to 'delete all messages' or something and the icon would go away. I also remember that turning the phone OFF-to-ON would reset the VM icon.
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    Make sure you have no VM's in your inbox. Then dial *22899. After the reprogramming has completed, soft reset your device. This should resync your device with the network.

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