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    1. Is it possible to have EVDO shut itself off automatically? When I tell my 700 to send/receive for my hotmail, work mail, or when I browse the internet the EVDO does not automatically disconnect after I am done and have closed the appropriate window?

    2. How do you fully close a program w/o going into the memory screen and closing it from there?

    3. is there any easy way to switch between the x1 or 1x network (I forget what it is called) and EVDO or should i just leave it on EVDO?

    4. Last Q . . . for now. . . . what do you all think is the best case for it?

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    #2 -

    (I started a thread here but there were not enough WM knowledgeable folks here to provide input.)

    #3 - if EVDO is available in your area, it will show EVDO automatically. If not, you will get 1X. It automatically switches to 1X when a call comes in so you can answer it. There is nothing for you to do.

    #4 - You might want to search on "cases" so you can participate in that thread.

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