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    ok, i read somewhere that you can hold the "option" button while clicking down to go line by line but it doesn't work for me...or at least i am pressing the wrong option button. =)

    help, how do you scroll line by line?
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    so i am pressing the right option button and userguide says it is like page up page down but that scrolls too far. any way to shrink how much it scrolls down each time i click?

    i like my text small so one click goes all the way to the bottom. =\
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    no help?
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    I think it's the button under the A that changes the keyboard. It works like that for me. It only works after the whole page has been downloaded and rendered some of the time.
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    hmm...yeah that's the button i am using...

    though i am talking about just reading an email. how do u just click down line by line in an email?
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    Has anyone found a solution for this behavior yet?


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