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    I have switched from my Treo 600 to a 700w and I am trying to find a WM5 application to replace my Palm based Bankbook application for maintaing my checking account. The only thing I have found is Keep Track which does not seem to be a checkbook application. I can't believe there isn't something but I have searched Handango and TreoCentral and NOTHING! Is anyone familiar with any? I saw someone mention Money 2006 but I thought that was a PC application. Is there a SmartPhone version?

    Any help wouild be greatly appreciated!

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    MS Money 2006 (and previous versions) is for both a PPC and a PC. The PPC version syncs up with the desktop version through activesync - so you can be on the go and enter transactions and it'll show up on your desktop's Money version. I've been using it for years and its fantastic!

    There is also pocket Quicken, which is Money's main competitor (this should also allow you to sync). I havn't used this before.
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    Pocket Quicken is from and syncs to your Quicken software on the computer. Carry as much or as little of your financial empire in your Treo as you desire. (Checking account(s), credit card(s), et cetera.) I have used it for over 5 years. It is very easy to use and is as comprehensive as you desire to make it.

    Comes in both flavors. (PalmOS and PPC)

    Cheers, Perry.
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    The all time best, easiest to use is SPB Finance

    Give it a shot and you'll see why it beat pocket money and pocket quicken and won the award for best finance software of 2005

    I was in despair leaving SplashMoney but SPB finance kicks SplashMoneys ***.
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    There is also Inesoft Cash Organizer. I really like it.
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    I downloaded this and it looks great. Somehow it seems more intuitive than Pocket Quicken and I like that I don't have to commit to running Quicken on my laptop. How do they do with technical support? Ther was no menion of a trial period or restrictions on the download. Do you know how long I can try it out?

    Thanks for the recommendation.

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