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    It means not having to manually check your email, or even schedule to have it checked. So, you receive your email when it actually arrives.
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    With push e-mail your gadget continually receives e-mail. Without, you hit "get e-mail" button to get your e-mail.

    If you leave your desktop e-mail application open all day at work and stop whatever you are doing to answer or at least check to see who sent you an e-mail every time you see a pop up at the bottom of the screen saying you received an e-mail message, then "push" would appeal to you.
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    OK, then I guess I have it because when I got my 700 at work they set it up to sync wirelessly via active sync with our outlook exchange server. It does this flawlessly without ever having to put the 700 in it's cradle. The mailbox structure looks identical to my outlook desktop and I just pick and choose what mailboxes to download mail to. This is how my i730 worked also. Just never heard that term used until the 700 came out.
    So this is push mail then?

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    Thats what they call AUTD (SMS trigered sync). There is a better method being released soon that is called Direct Push (MSFP).

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