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    Treo 700w is a great radio - I use it all the time when commuting.

    Here is a good place to start looking for stations to play: I use the pda link for UK to listen to BBC stations

    There are three radio feed types that are useful:
    1. Windows Media feeds - these play in the built in player. Just tap on the link in IE and it will open up the stream in Windows Media on your Treo.

    There is no way I can find to bookmark these or make playlists of stations so you have to mark them as Favorites in IE and use this to store your favorite stations.

    2. Real Player - all the BBS stations are on Real player. The player is free from to download and use and it works well. Its only oddity is a lack of a volume button or other control buttons. It relies on the systems volume for playback loudness. You also cannot bookmark stations but some links will store a file on your device which you can then click on to relaunch the station at a later date.

    3. Shoutcast or .PLS stations; these are some of the same stations you see in iTunes but there are many more than iTunes reveals. Go to to find lots more. My favorite player is Resco Radio but it has some instabilities. There are several freebies of which the open source TCPMP is my favorite.

    I hope someone builds a universal app to store and move between radio stations on Windows Mobile regardless of their type. This would be a huge boon for me - the stations I like are usually Windows Media or Real.
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