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    I'm thinking of replacing my 650 with the 700w and wondering i can use my 'new every 2' which gives me $100 off AND ALSO use the $100 off for signing up for unlimited data.

    The store says you can only use one or the other, but I never believe what they say in the store.

    Has anyone been able to use BOTH of these promotions at the same time?

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    I tried but couldn't at the vzw store but others have reported success wiht verizon phone sales

    Please post your results
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    A friend of mine did just that, but the sales guy was probably new and didn't know any better.

    I guess it depends on you who your sales person is.
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    There's a pretty comprehensive thread over at where it's clear that the discounts are not to be stacked.

    However, when I ordered my 700w back on Jan. 5th, I got a very pleasant CSR who allowed me to use both discounts. At first her computer wouldn't let her stack the discounts, but she was persistent. After speaking with her supervisor, she got approval to apply the discounts. The discounts appeared as two separate $100 service credits on my bill. BTW, I ordered the 700w by calling customer service. I've also heard that calling telesales may be a better route.

    But I've heard that many people have been shot down trying to stack the discounts. It just boils down to getting a CSR who is willing to help. Keep trying to find one.
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    I was to stack them, but I had to call the 800# and ask for a supervisor. The guy was very helpful and I had the phone the next day.
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