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    Does anyone have screen shots of Agenda Fusion or Pocket Informant running on their 700w? Don't know if I should wait a bit longer for any updates for the software to be optimized for the 700w or get the current version. The WM PIMs are not powerfull enough. Also anyone who is using the above software now, is it still compatible with the picture speed dial in Today? Thanks for all the help .

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    i am currently running the latest version of agenda fusion & although i haven't used the picture application feature with speed dial i believe it works...let me check it out for you really all works out i added picture with agenda fusion...i used the contact for speed dial and there is the pic...i would get the version out now...they've updated it quite a few times already and so should be a lot better than the initial roll out of agenda for wm5....i say get the program you should be happy with it...then again thats why they have trial verision just get the trial first
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    Thank you djvision, those were the exact infos I needed .
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