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    Anyone tried this yet. I'm in the process of installing it?
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    Definately not working for me. It will install 9/10th of the way then say it was unsuccessful.
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    I installed it but it doesn't run. I go from the splash screen to nothing. I'm assuming it crashed.
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    i got it to work - i just copied the cab file to my SD card.

    As far as the program goes, I was a little disappointed with it. The pluses were easy access to opening up new web pages, multiple windows, and nice bookmark management.

    The downside is that it takes several megs of space when IE is already installed, and also paging doesn't work (option key + up/down arrow); you'd have to settle on link-to-link navigation. The rendering also didn't seem as good as IE... but thats just my opinion.

    ... and its not free
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    I wonder if, like desktop windows, IE is always consuming resources even when not loaded. Maybe we can get these guys to make an IE extractor for mobile version
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