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    I have been eagerly awaiting the remainder of the TreoCentral review on the 700 - specifically for the Exchange OTA syncing. Any idea when that might be posted? I am trying to ensure that if I can make a change, I can expect the same sync quality as with Goodlink.

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    Not really. The Treo 700w, like all first release smartphone devices Windows or otherwise, is flaky. That's what the upcoming (whenever Verizon decides to release it) Windows Messaging and Security Pack for Windows Mobile 5 is for. It's pretty close now if you use "deliver as messages arrive" as your scheduling option, which uses AUTD. Exchange sends an SMS message to your phone to trigger a sync each time you get an e-mail -- can run your SMS bill SKY HIGH if you aren't careful and get a 1000+ SMS message/month plan. The MSP is supposed to resolve the issue of SMS messaging as a the trigger for synchroniztion and provide another, less costly method.

    Still won't have access to all your contacts unless you expose an LDAP server (bad idea) or use their lame GAL look-up add on program... That is, again, until they release the Messaging and Security Pack.
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    Verizon has the "PDA SMS 2000 ALLOWA" feature for exactly just this reason.

    Please see:

    But yes, the Messaging and Security Pack would be a lot better

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