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    I apologize if this has already been posted but I did a search and I couldn't find anything. Anyway, ActiveSync is apparently causing some problems for a lot of people (including myself) as far as battery life and freezeups. The following is written for the Axim x51, but I believe it applies to the Treo 700w as well. I found this another site, so I take no credit for it whatsoever - just posting it to help out.

    Got a brand spanking new Axim x51(v)? Are YOU experiencing these problems?
    Axim Will not power on after standby?
    White Screen Of Death (WSOD)
    Losing CF or SD cards?
    Battery losing charge while on standby?
    Axim overheating when left in standby mode?
    If Leaving WiFi on when putting into standby, it's light starts flashing for no reason?

    Feeling like you've just wasted your hard earned cash on a bad buy? Upset by people in this very forum telling you to send it back, take legal action, burn it, demand a refund etc? Fear not my fellow Axim user, for they are the uneducated... Let's start at the beginning:

    These problems appear to be caused by Activesync, a program that runs in the background of Windows Mobile on your Axim - The good news is they CAN be solved in most cases!

    There is strong reasoning to suggest that the cause of these problems is that little program we all know and love called Activesync. Read on fellow forumite, as fixing these problems should be a case of simply changing a few settings in Activesync's options menu!

    Some Background:

    Activesync on your Axim
    Activesync is a program installed on your Axim by default as part of the Windows Mobile Operating System. It's primary function as far as I'm aware is for syncing data with your PC and providing a means to install software and transfer files. You cannot get rid of it from your Axim (as far as I know), nor would you really want to. Unfortunately for all the good things Activesync should do, it is a bit of a badly designed program.

    Activesync on your PC, and Synchronising data
    In order to connect and synchronise data between your Axim and a PC you also have to install a version of Activesync on your PC (included on the Axim CD). When you plug your Axim into it's USB Dock both versions of Activesync talk to each other and your information is synchronised automatically. Every change you make on your PC relating to your calendar, emails or shared files while the Axim is docked will trigger a new sync and vice versa. The Axim and PC will also sync every 5 minutes while docked no matter what. As far as I know this currently cannot be stopped without the aid of a third party program called Activesync Toggle, or some deft 'end tasking' in the Windows PC's Task Manager.

    So, why do I keep getting the problems listed above?
    This is due to Activesync launching itself on your Axim when it is not docked with your PC. You may ask why Activesync isn't intelligent enough to see that your Axim is not docked...

    For an unknown reason Microsoft thought it would be a great idea to make Activesync load itself automatically and attempt to sync even when your Axim is not docked. Even if you manually close it, or go into Start > Memory > Running Programs > Stop on your Axim, it will simply re-launch itself 5 minutes later. It will then attempt to connect to your PC Activesync connection every 5 minutes by default, again even though your Axim is not docked. It does this no matter what you do. You could be in the middle of a critical Axim gaming moment on a processor intensive 3D game where all your memory counts, and suddenly everything becomes choppy and bang, you crash and burn... Activesync is eating your memory. Or your Axim could be on standby and Activesync will load and bring your Axim out of standby... How annoying! And what is worse, by default there is no option to stop it behaving in this odd manner.

    Activesync - Microsoft's crazy logic
    Nothing is more important to Activesync than synchronising your data... The only thing that ever goes through Activesync's tiny little program loop are the words "Must Sync, Must Sync, Must Sync". In Commodore 64 Basic (which it may well be written in) it's source code would look like this:

    10 Print "Must Sync"
    20 goto 10

    Ok, now that we know Activesync is trying to sync constantly, why is this causing so many power-related problems? The answer is nobody knows for sure. We can only surmise that Activesync launching itself while your Axim is on standby is causing some kind of software error that means it will not switch on from standby. If it's in this state and you plug it into it's PC docking station you will most likely also see a WSOD (White Screen Of Death). Activesync switching your Axim on while unattended may also be the cause of WiFi suddenly coming to life, battery discharging itself overnight and finding your Axim very hot when picking up to use.

    The all important Solution
    This 'server trick' was discovered by another Aximsite forum member known as Invid a little while ago. This information is courtesy of him originally, and copied many times throughout the Aximsite forum, but I am re-writing in easy to follow laymans terms to hopefully make this a sticky, and stop the multiple posting regarding the same old problems. Here we go!

    1. Turn on your Axim
    2. Go to Start > Programs > Activesync. This will open the Activesync program.
    3. Tap Menu at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This will bring up the Options Menu. Notice the option Schedule... is greyed out? This is the all-critical option we need to get access to. But as it's disabled we can't change Activesync's default synchronisation schedule.

    Ok, so how do we enable the Schedule option? Easy!!! Fool Activesync into thinking there is an Exchange Server to sync with:

    1. From Activesync's Menu tap on Add Server Source.
    2. In the following screens you can enter any old garbage. It does not matter, but just in case your unsure, just type the following in the indicated boxes:

    Server Address: fake
    Tap Next
    User name: fake
    Password: fake
    Domain: fake
    (Ticking save password or going into the Advanced menu makes no difference, so no need to bother).
    Tap Next
    Untick all of the 'Data you want to synchronise' options
    Tap Finish

    3. Ok, we're done creating the server. You should now see in Activesync's main screen your normal Activesync connection(s), and a new connection called Exchange Server.
    4. Go back into the Menu, and lo and behold the Schedule option is now enabled! Go ahead and tap it!
    5. You will see that both options in the Schedule screen are set to Every 5 Minutes (A01 Rom), or Every 10 Minutes (A06 Rom). This simply will not do! ( * Advanced users - please see my note below * )
    6. Using the drop downs, change both the Peak times and Off-peak times boxes to Manually.
    7. Press the OK button at the top right of the screen.

    Congratulations! Activesync is now gagged from opening on it's own and ruining your life! Your work is not done just yet though - time to clean up and get rid of the now unwanted fake Exchange Server.

    1. Go back into Activesync's Menu, then Tap Options.
    2. Highlight Exchange Server, then tap Delete. A warning message will appear about removing files etc, but as you have no files associated with the fake Exchange Server, it's nothing to worry about - just tap Ok.
    3. The list will now only show your remaining PC Sync connection(s). Obviously do not delete these!

    So there you go, your Axim will now be happy to lead a normal and fulfilling life serving your organisational needs.

    You may now put your Axim on Standby safe in the knowledge it will turn back on when you need it to. You can be sure that your CF and SD cards are no longer going to go walkabout. You can be safe in the knowledge that your battery should no longer lose it's charge. Etc etc.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you.

    Forum Admin - PLEASE MAKE THIS STICKY!!!

    * Advanced users: The fact that the default Sync times have been changed by Dell on each of the new ROMs indicates they know Activesync is the cause of the problems... *
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    Can anyone tell me if this in fact stops the slowness in the Calendar program?
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    That (Solution) indeed has been posted before, not in such lenght. It was a fix for the original ROM, not the update that has just been released.
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    There is also a known bug in WM 5.0 that is related to having an SD card installed at all times. The symptoms that the Axims have displayed can also be caused by the SD card bug. My wife has a HP hx2495 WM 5.0 and keeping the SD card installed at all times eventually causes a hard reset due to sudden rapid battery drain, the unit can get hot to the touch when this happens. I originally tried the ActiveSync work around but that did nothing. Removing the SD card an just not using it? Fixed the problem totally...

    May not be an issue with the Treo 700w (I hope it's not!) but you never know. Apparently this is one of those bugs that even MSFT is having a hard time replicating (because it's one of those nice seemingly "random" events that you can't predict).
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