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    OK, I got my email accounts setup on the 700 including configuring the outgoing stuff to go through Verizon's SMTP server. However, I want to change a couple of the account names to make them more easily idetifiable when switching from one account to the other. The account name field is greyed out along with the account type (POP3/IMAP) when you go to Tools -> Options -> Select the account -> Email Setup screen 3/4. Is there any other way to change the account name once it has been created? I'd hate to have to replicate all that just to do a name change.

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    I think if you set up a second account it allows you to rename the new account. It says something like "account name POP3 already exists, please enter a differnt name" so maybe add the same info again and delete the one named POP3? stupid to have to do that but...sigh.
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    I have not figured out a way to do it outside of re-creating the account
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    I just purchased a 700w and have the same problem. Is it even possible to delete an account once it is created?

    In an attempt to delete the first account I created, I created a 2nd account. I can't delete or rename either.

    Anyone find a way to do this yet?

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