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    Okay, so initially I hated the 700. The email program sucks, it's confusing...blah blah blah. The Mossberg review didn't help. But after using it for 2 weeks, I would never go back. I've managed to get used to the email, at least until something better comes along. The high speed Internet blows the 600/650 away. But the best thing about it is the navigation...exactly what Mr. Mossberg hated about it. I think Waltie didn't give the phone enough of a chance. I can do more things one handed than I could ever do on the 600, and I rarely have to touch the screen. While several reviewers have said nasty things about the "ok" button, I love it.
    Sure, there are numerous things about the 700 that are very, very annoying. But overall, it's a dramatic improvement. And if you haven't enabled voice activitation, do so immediately. IT'S ALREADY INSTALLED ON YOUR PHONE, and it's one of the coolest things about it.
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    i think it's great that you love your phone....i'm definately starting to truly warm up to mine, just a few kinks i need to iron out first before i go any further (goodlink, windows media player sync).

    have fun

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