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    When does the Verizon 14 cancellation policy start? It says from activation, but is that from when you order the phone, or when you actually activate the phone? Both are referred to as activation on my Palm order.
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    I would guess when you activate the phone.
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    just confirmed... when you ordered it... glad I asked
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    Quote Originally Posted by cognetic
    just confirmed... when you ordered it... glad I asked
    I bet this is the sort of thing that if you ask when you're wanting to buy, it's when you activate the phone, but if you ask when you want to return it, it's when you ordered.

    So if you order it, and it takes 2 days to process your order, then 5 business days to arrive, and the shipment was over the weekend so 2 more days. Then you get 5 days to evaluate. It is something to think about but I actually think it's the other way around, though someone may try to say otherwise.

    Here's what I'm referring to:
    From Verizon
    Satisfaction Guarantee
    You may terminate service for any reason within 15 days of activation without incurring an early termination fee. You will be responsible for all applicable fees, prorated access charges, taxes or other charges that accrued to your account through the termination date and equipment return date.

    Partial of email from Palm about "Activating" my phone when I get it.
    To activate your service plan just dial *228 from your new Treo smartphone. Activation will occur automatically over the air.

    The Verizon guarantee clearly says I can terminate service within 15 days of activation. And the email from Palm clearly states that I activate my service plan using my phone (which must, of course be after I get the phone.)

    Your honor, I'm done with the witness.
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    That's not good if it's when you order it. That's not really a full 14 days then.
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    Yeah but my experience is that you can challenge that quite easily. I got almost 30 days once but I had to contact them within the 15 day time limit.
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    I just returned my 700w today. They will refund the price of your phone, but not the $30 activation fee. And, you are responsible for any charges incurred during the 14 days (you'll get a "final" bill). I can't wait for the 700p!

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