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    Ring tone is properly set for incoming call but does not ring! Was working, then stopped. All other sounds work just fine, and I can play the ringtone in the Phone setting when I select it, it just is not activated on incoming. Vibration works, and that's the only way I know I have a call! Found nothing online about this. Thoughts?
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    Is your volume up?
    Do you have your ringer switched to mute (at the top)?

    Even if you dont set a sound, I think it autoswitches the Treo sound for a ringer. I think.
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    Yes, volume up, ringer not switched to mute. All other sounds work. Has worked sporadiaclly but I cannot figure out what the conflict might be!!
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    My ringer shut off when I synced my H700 bluetooth headset to my 700w. Couldn't figure out why, since the phone was not silenced.

    Had to perform a soft reset, but since then, everything is working fine.
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    I'm having this problem intermitently. I'm still testing things to find a pattern, but it looks like my phone won't ring if I have a password set (built in password app under Settings/Personal). Calls go right to voicemail (caller hears 5-7 rings) . If I disable the password, the phone rings normally. Soft reset didn't resolve this. The only recent change I made was to pair to my car's bluetooth.

    I'm going to try a hard reset to see if that fixes it.
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    I did a hard reset, now my ringer always works, even with a password. I have not re-paired to the bluetooth in my car yet, but I will later today to see if that causes the original problem to return.
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    The ringe rused to work, and I haven't changed any settings. Now it doesn't work - not even intermittently. It does vibrate when the ringer switch is off. I did pair my device using Bluetooth with my laptop 3 days ago. Have been synching with IR because Bluetooth hasn't worked lately. I tried a soft reset but not a hard reset, yet.

    Any tips or common issues to help deduce this would be appreciated.
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    Like others above I finally did a hard reset and that fixed it! A pain, since we do not yet have some of the marvelous Palm backup/restore programs available yet, but did do the job.

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