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    Anyone have success with this? I seem to have set it up well enough that I can get my emails but ActiveSync keeps reading "Waiting for Network" when I try to synch over the air.

    I may just be in a bad coverage area where I am right now, but was wondering if there are any Exchange ActiveSync success stories out there.

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    To get over the air sync to work you have to make sure port 80 is open to your exchange server and that it has either a public IP address or your firewall is NATing the public ip to your internal exchange server ip. I had this problem with mine and ntoiced that i didnt have port 80 passing through the firewall to my exchange server.

    if you are using SSL thats another headache.
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    umm.. i would suggest you use SSL
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    SSL is more secure of course. however since you can't do a disable cert on WM5 you must make sure you can install a root cert onto your mobile device. otherwise you can't sync.
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    you don't need to install any certs if your server is using a "true" root cert from any authorities already on the device (Equifax, Entrust, Thawte, etc).... only if you issue your own personal certs...

    Certs cost around $130 a year i think for for the exchange server URL...

    Don't go for any third party cert providers as they are not true root authorities and will not work without you installing the cert... i tried using godaddy but it was too much of a hassle to install certs so i did myself a favor and bought one from a true root auth.

    Besides... the company i work for is paying the bill and i could not see having to do it manually for 100's of devices... would cost them more not to buy a root cert for exchange in labor costs
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    Well said gex.
    I did not have to install my true root cert either.
    I am the Exchange Engineer and I am loving the AS over the air. I am definately loving the AUTD since I have a BES server for my Attorneys and the Treos are growing in popularity but the 650s are a support nightmare. I had to set up a GSX VM server for the redirectors for the 600s and they are support free, the 650's are a PIA. So we put a moratorium on buyinf new 650s while I test out the 700w. So far I love it. I am still waiting for MS to get on the ball and release the darn Mobility pack and add some more features to the MobileAdmin site for the devices.
    Long and short of it. OTA sync is nice. takes me about 10 seconds to get the messgage from when it hits my inbox to when my 700 is notified and receives the message. Not bad. Better than the 5 minutes with the scheduled syncs, and saves me tons of battery life.
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    And now that we can get the PDA 2000 allowance from Verizon using AUTD (SMS initiated sync) is now a cost efficient least until MSFP (Direct Push) comes out...

    The owner of our company (BB user) came by my desk today and is really anxious to use the 700w...i was surprised to hear him say he was willing to accept the delay of AUTD vs BB. I have suggested that we wait for MSFP (Direct Push) to come out before we deploy since the "user experience" with the SMS based AUTD is not quite up to BB levels and I don’t want users to be disappointed or think its not as good because their BB's get email faster and more reliably.

    As you will notice with the SMS initiated sync (AUTD) stops working sometimes until you do a manual sync...don’t know if that is because of the inherent unreliability of SMS or something else but don’t want to deal with the phone calls from people because their devices stop receiving emails.

    We have been waiting for about 3 years now for a viable solution from Microsoft…playing with every new WM device that comes out but nothing has come close to the BB’s for instant email…..its been a long road but the end appears to be in sight at least for instant email….usability is another issue Those BB’s (although limited in what they can do) is just so darn easy for sale reps and executives to use.
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    I successfully setup the Exchange Active Sync. I did have to install the root cert onto my WM device. There is a posting on this site about my experience. After that, everything worked great. Just make sure that all of your username/password/domain etc setting are correct.
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    Wow this is a great thread. I also use Exchange Activesync and have been for a while and it works flawlessly. I do not use the AUTD however, now that I have added the 2k SMS package I will probably change that. The one that that I think is one of the biggest benefits of Exchange Activesync that many people overlook is the ability to have all of your information in one central location.

    When I had my K-Jam I was at the airport waiting for a plane and started playing around with the registry. Yep you guessed it, I accidentally deleted something and my K-Jam stopped working so I did a hard reset. The first thing I did was put in all of the EAS information and before I borded the plane I had downloaded all of my e-mail, calendar and contacts right to the phone. During the flight, I fired up my laptop and installed all of my normal programs and by the time the plane touched down my phone was 100% back to the way it was. Its pretty handy

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