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    Just curious if the 700P will support a 4GB card when it comes out and I think if the 700W can support it, then it should be a no-brainer for the 700P.
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    heart_and_skull at another site got the 4gb adata and has success with it. I'm about to do the same. Would love to hear others' experiences as well.
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    holy crap, $200 dollars[]=35:207/popup1[]=50:105
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    so is this a 700w thread of a poorly disguised 700p thread?
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    Quote Originally Posted by theBlaze74
    holy crap, $200 dollars[]=35:207/popup1[]=50:105
    Try this link for an even better price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe
    Try this link for an even better price.
    What's the difference between the ADATA card & one made by SANDISK or SONY? I know there are spped differences when it comes to digital cams but is this important with the Treo as well? And how do you compare the speeds? I s there a number to look for?
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    i got one from ebay....a-data 4gig and it works a search on 4gig cards or adata and youll see many others have them and love them......ive had mine for weeks and absolutley love it....been running with about 750mb left with no problems whatsoever....and its fast as hell too....150X speed..i paid 126 plus 20 bucks shipping...ya just CANT beat that!!!!!
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    Look up item 7600285362 on EBay.

    $105 Buy-now for 4 GB card (Shipping is high, though)

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