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    Question: with WM3 and Goodlink 4.7 and when running on a ppc6601 (verizon evdo) the data was costantly streaming (in other words, i was receiving messages upon receipt) which probably led to my poor battery life. anyhow, i am noticing that emails are not being delivered as they are received in my inbox. i either have to manually "send-receive messages now" or "wait" until the device decides to ping the EVDO network (not sure how it decides to do that on its own either). i've read some threads about a registry hack, i didn't want to go that far if i didn't need to.

    my old treo 650 with goodlink installed on it pushed emails to my device as they were received (instantaneously). is this a treo 700 matter or is it a Goodlink issue (t700 not yet "fully supported" by Good).


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