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    In order to preserve memory, I need to find out how to really close an application. Sometimes clicking OK seems to close it, other times (such as when using IE, Windows Media or ActiveSync), it remains open in the background and then it's....

    windows key > Settings > System tab > Memory > Running Programs > select offending program > Stop and then OK out of that window > OK out of Settings.

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    this is one of those things that makes me wonder who programmed and designed this thing. why does the 'OK' button actually mean 'cancel'???
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    JoeyJoeJoe/Race, press and hold down the "OK" until the "Running Programs List" appears. You can close any and all programs at the juncture.

    Hope this helps (it's in the manual somewhere, I just don't remember where).

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    Excellent. Another RTFM moment for JoeyJoeJoe. Thanks.
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    you can also get a program called vbar pocket nav etc. the are many process manager programs that allow you to completly close a application or switch between running application.

    Not all apps act in this behavior, only one that support background functions. Must if not all programs have a exit function in the menu. Windows mobile operates using multi tasking, and the ok menu minimizes the application not close.
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    There are some programs that can hog memory in a way that is not visible to the running programs list - primarily Today plug-ins. These seem to attach themselves to the main system memory allocation so the only way to remove them is to turn them off in the Preferences | Today settings in Today.
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    One simple way to really close many programs, even those without an explicit exit command, is to type Control-Q using the pop-up keyboard.

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    A good program is SPB PocketPlus. It is a today screen plugin that makes managing programs easy and it also has a feature that Auto shuts off programs. That means when you close a program, you really close a program.

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