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    Ok, well I have had wireless sync working on my laptop for some time now and I love it. But now I got my desktop working again and would like to have all information synced on all my devices. How can I do this? I would prefer to have wireless sync installed on my desktop as it is always on and allways online. Is there any other way to get my laptop to sync with my desktop machine over the internet? Perhaps a third party application?

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    I am also looking as another option for exchange server hosting. Just incase I cant get this to work. I really dont want goodlink. Just wondering when does exchange server SP 2 come out? Since it has many of the functions I want
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    SP2 has been out for a couple of months. So has Mobile Administration that also goes on the server. What is now needed is MSFP (AKU2.0). MS released that to device manufacturers in mid-November. Qtec has said they will release the updated ROM's in early February. No word from Palm on when they will release the one for the 700w.

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