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    Hey everyone... I just got my new 700w last week, and was wondering if I'm experiencing a bug, or if other people are seeing this...

    When I get a new SMS message the vibrating or ringtone notficiation will not stop when I retrieve the message and it plays all the way through until it's done... so I find myself typing a response while the ringtone is still playing or whlie the phone is vibrating... anyone else see this as a bug? I know my 650 didn't do this...

    Also, has anyone figured out how to modify the way the vibrating alert goes off for different types of messages or calls? On my 650 you could have different vibrating patterns for say an SMS vs. a phone call.

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    It's not a bug - it's the way Windows Mobile deals with long ringtones. Other Windows Mobile phones do it also _ I compared with a Sprint Windows Mobile 5 phone to test this.
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    So, no way that you know of to make the ringer stop?
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    The vibrate plays for the duration of the ringer and there is currently no way to stop it. This is an ideal opportunity for a developer to make a fix.
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    so no one (developer or otherwise) has any solutions to this.

    this ringer thing is so annoying.
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    Perhaps if you edited your ringer and made it shorter?
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    you know I thought about that as I was posting and I switched to one of the standard ringers. I will try that for a few days and see what happens

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