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    Since we know the built-in works but sucks, there are others for free and for a fee available. I've tried a few and would be interested in the take of others that work well on the 700w.

    Wisbar Advance is fabulous and has eye candy themes. Unfortunately, it is not one-handed and doesn't work on my 700w. Maybe I have something conflicting with it on my device. If others try it, please report back your results.

    SmallMenu - The is the first I've tried it and on day 1 of the one month trial. It appears to work like Wisbar -- the old free version. SmallMenu is one-handed and has an option to close apps automatically after a certain number have been opened. It also has a free version without this feature. I can't figure out how to get it to display the standard 7 apps shown with the builtin start menu.

    HandySwitcher - I've registered this one and it works OK but it is not one-handed and doesn't fully support the 240X240 screen.

    PocketNav - this freebie works but I'm not certain that it doesn't present some instability to my device. I stopped using it because it is not one-handed and doesn't do anything more than HandySwitcher.

    There are others and I'm sure we'd all appreciate reading about them here.
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    I'm okay with the one that the 700 comes with, but I'm not ashamed to admit that, this being my first pdaphone, I am a little ignorant.
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    Anyone use Wisbar Advance regularly on their 700w?
    Hows the memory drain? Interested in it, but afraid it may slow things down too much...
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    I really like Magic Button. Free and small footprint. But the RESET button in the menu doesn't really reset well, so don't use it.
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    Wisbar Lite is out now which has a smaller footprint. I don't use it since I've started using iLauncher again now that it is one-handed.
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    I have bounced around among SmallMenuPlus, Handy(Menu and Switcher), WisbarLite and GSPocketMagic. For me, the Handys added little and I quickly abandoned them. The price was good on GSPocketMagic (free), but it was too dependent on cascading submenus for my taste. I found WisbarLite required too many button presses for task switching, and was also too dependent on cascading enus.

    For me, SmallMenuPlus is the sweet spot. It allows me to customize its cascading submenus and keep my 4 most frequently used apps right on the main menu. I bundle my medical reference apps into a single cascading subfolder off the main menu for convenience, and less frequently used apps are in a second subfolder that cascades right off the main menu as well. Task switching and closure are similarly a single cascade away from the main menu.
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    I agree with your assessments. I'm a little disappointed in Wisbar Lite. I'd expect it to be the best of breed since the developer did such a terrific job on WA2 and WAD. It is at its first release so maybe it will improve over time. GSPocketMagic is still my favorite (after disabling close-all) because of the cut/copy/paste option. There have been many situations where I've wanted to copy/paste information in apps which don't have editing enabled.

    SmallMenuPlus sounds like a winner for you. I liked it too because that you didn't have to wade through the menus as much. Pressing the start menu and letter(s) will often get you there. I abandoned it because it took too long to initiate for my liking. Also, I didn't want to register yet another task manager. I've already registered Wisbar Advance 2 (which gets you Wisbar Lite), iLauncher, and the Handys.

    One of the few things I like about the Handymenu is the IP Helper and the Screen Capture. I'll keep it installed and only bring it up only when I need it (like I do Taptext). I'm not comfortable that those Dinarsoft programs clean up after themselves very well. They seem inconspicuous but they've been known to conflict with a lot of other apps (e.g. WA2, Voice Command...)

    Today, I'm using iLauncher only because they upgraded it and it is one-handed now. I'm not sure how long I'll use it because I don't favor screen clutter. Traditionally, I'll use iLauncher for a few weeks and then take it off of my Today screen until they upgrade it with another bell or whistle. I'm waiting for PocketBreeze (another program I've registered) to become more one handed and I might return to that and add ilauncher as a plug-in.

    Such fun.
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    I've switched around with different products and I have to agree that Wisbar lite was a disappointment. My main problem was that the menu would open so much slower then the normal menu. I used a pocket pc before and never noticed the menu speed problem with WA2 but with the 700w speed is a factor. From opening up the messaging to using Pocket informant. Informant opens so slow I'm using the built in contacts on the right soft menu instead of Informant. I only use Pocket Informant to manage my contacts and the built in apps for actual use.

    I find that Magic button for me had the memory footprint and speed that I needed. I also love the battery bar at the top of the screen, and the soft reset menu, so that I don't have to open the battery cover.

    I loved the WA2 with the skins but it's just too dang slow. Someone tell me of a faster program.
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    pocket plus is all i can say.....i absolutely love it!
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    I tried out WA2 on the 700w. It is SO much more aesthetically pleasing than the original Today screen... BUT ended up uninstalling it because:
    1) Couldn't use the cascading menus using one hand (need stylus)
    2) Didn't really slow down Treo, but used up some precious memory - which we don't have much to spare in the 1st place - so ran out of mem easier running the same # of multiple programs I could do without WA2 - esp later in the day with the slow memory leak we all have....

    Otherwise if the above were somehow fixed, I would love it. ...still lookin for now
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