I dont have the time to do it or else I would. Any programmer out there willing to write a simple program to give us push email?

Here are my ideas:

Write a simple program that opens an IMAP connection with exchange server. When there are changes on the server call on active sync on the device to start syncing with the server. The idea is similar to chatter but you will not have to write an entire email program. You only want to know when there are changes on the server and then start the active sync program. Email will still be read in pocket outlook. This task would require little knowledge of the IMAP protocol.

Idea 2: This might be a bit more difficult and requires MS Exchange SP2. Write a program that works the same as Microsofts new push method. Open an HTTP connection to the server, wait for a response for an X amount of time. If you get a response trigger an active sync, of not open a new connection. This would require knowledge of their new Active Sync API.