As you know GL is not officially supported on the Treo 700w so I have been looking for solutions that approximate its functionality. Especially since the existing non supported version of Goodlink kills the battery so bad. Here is what I have come up with so far. Please feel free to add your suggestions to ths thread. Of course this assumes you are using Exchange 2003/OMA.

1.) Setup Microsoft 2003 Active Sync/w AUTD. The outband SMS message approach is battery friendly since it does not have to keep the radio held open all the time as does GL. Of course you need to make sure that you are not paying for SMS messages.

2.) Now pocket outlook sucks w/exception of being able to send attachments which you still can't do with GL. So I have been looking high and low and finally found a cool utility called pocket breeze. This utility allows you to preview and interact with the Outlook mail database via the Today screen. It is also an awsome PIM, supports calendaring tasks etc.

Like I said it is not quite Goodlink, but than again there are no monthly charges and battery life is not an issue either.

Goodguy don't get me wrong I am waiting for the official release of Good Link This is just to tide me over in the meantime and maybe helpout a few people who do not want to pay the monthly fees involved.

Oh yeah and absolutely get memory button task manager... you and your treo will be much happier. I almost have a working communication device at this point and know I can send attachements from my cell phone never could do that with GL. Know I just need to figure out how to replicate tasks and notes and I will be in business (GL does both of these).