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    I set up my pop mail account to check for messages every 15 minutes and even though there are no new messages, I get a *DING* notificaiton letting me know that there are 'x' number of unread messages in my Inbox.

    I don't need to be notified about unread messages, just new messages please.

    Is there a way around this, ouside of disabling the automatic send/receive of email?

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    Yes, I am in Germany and dont have my T700w with me to go through the exact steps, but basically go to your sounds settings, there is a setting in there for new mail, u can turn off the notifer there.

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    I have the same problem and cannot find a resolution. I can suppress the sound but would like to suppress the notification and only be notified when a new email arrives.
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    i'm having the same's so can i fix it?


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