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    I am having trouble with connecting a Treo700w with a BMW545i via Bluetooth. I paired the two but nothing from there seems to work consistently or at all. I have never seen the phonebook in the BMW, I did place a call and the BMW picked it up but dropped it during. Most of the time the BMW does not even see the phone but the phone sees the BMW.

    Getting frustrated with the 700w on a couple of issues. About to return it to Verizon!!!!
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    Perhaps you should return the BMW instead

    Sounds like an incompatible bluebooth profile may want to contact palm support for resolution.
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    Im pretty sure its the bmw. I have an 06 530i and i got it to connect but no phonebook. This phone isnt officially supported by bmw.
    I was playing with it the other night and when i woke up in the morning not only was my battery dead, only messing with BT for about 20 min and nothing left on, but now my idrive doesnt even work and no screen at all. So im off to the dealer on wednesday. Sucks

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