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    I'm banging my head against the wall trying to get it to work. Anyone successful out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeyJoeJoe
    I'm banging my head against the wall trying to get it to work. Anyone successful out there?

    Vindigo does not support Activesync 4.1 nor does it support 240x240. I had the same issues. Searching the topic in this forum will help also. Good news is a new version with support is due out soon. (rumors have it)
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    I was so disappointed to find out Vindigo won't sync with ActiveSync 4.2...
    Running the POS version over StyleTap just doesn't cut it (can't update)...

    So when I decided to use my second notebook to test the new ActiveSync 4.5 beta, I was SO happy to discover it actually sync! (see capture)

    So now on my Treo 750v I have a Vindigo folder full with all the essential files (the Vindigo.vdb is over 2MB), BUT... it won't run.

    Oh well, one small step, few more to go.

    Will keep you posted.

    But if you have a spare PC to test ActiveSync 4.5beta and can test Vindigo please update if your setup works better.

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    ...managed to sync (using the above workaround), but... now that I have all the files on the Treo, it won't run.

    Did anyone here manage to run Vindigo (synced or not) on a WM5 device?
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    I so hope someone gets this to work. If there is an app that I miss, it's Vindigo. And it's really bad that the people at Vindigo won't fix the product to work for so many of us that want it.

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    I'm currently using (/testing) Vindigo PalmOS over StyleTap.

    The application works fine (full screen and all), but it won't sync wirelessly (and there is no conduit support for StyleTap).
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    I emailed Vindigo about WM5.0 support back in January. They couldn't give me a timeframe for support at that time and extended my account for 6 months. I swapped my Vindigo subscription to my Palm Treo in May so I could use it. I'm thinking of getting a 750v, but right now there's no sign that Vindigo are going to include WM 5.0 support any time soon. If there's no change by the time I get a 750v, I may have to cancel my subscription, which would be a shame.
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    Vindigo is FINALLY fully(*) working on WM5 (...StyleTap required)

    Happy day!!! :-)

    Note, this fix is not yet publicly available, but you can request an updated StyleTap.exe from StyleTap's support and hopefully they will share.
    StyleTap's support wrote me this updated version should be available on their website in a couple of days.

    So here's how you can get it to work, explaining the (*) in the subject:

    ONE TIME ONLY (so donít despair):
    1) You will need to have either an existing PalmOS based device or download the PalmOS emulator/simulator from the Palm developersí site (free with registration).
    2) Optional (if you don't have that already): Install Vindigo to the POS device/simulator and sync (HotSync) it initially so it will have your user+password on the POS.
    3) Optional (if you never run Vindigo Wireless Sync before): Once Vindigo is installed and synced (make sure you can open it on the POS/simulator), go to the Vindigo menu (Options --> Wireless preferences) and enable Wireless sync; Once enabled sync (HotSync) your device/simulator again (Vindigo will now install the missing wireless sync component).
    4) Test Vindigo's wireless sync on the POS/simulator (should work)
    5) Now copy (to card/PC or to virtual card on simulator) these files (can use FileZ or ZLauncher file manager):
    Note: all these files are required. If you are missing a file make sure you followed steps 1-4 correctly:
    6) Install the above file to your WM5 device (using StyleTapís install tool) or you can move them to the WM storage card and have StyleTap copy them to the PalmOS ďmain memoryĒ from there.

    7) Now you should be able to see Vindigo in StyleTapís application launcher. You should be able to run it and initiate wireless sync.
    If step (7) doesnít work you probably donít have the updated StyleTap.exe, contact StyleTap support.

    I hope this helps.
    StyleTap got my money now. This is a great fix until (IF) Vindigo ever fixes their WM5 issues.

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    is it me or is vindigo retarded??? why would they not do a version to run on windows? THey would be instantly tripling their customer base. They havent produced a new version in years. More to the point- why doesnt someone else come up with one?? I have a treo 650 and looking to get a windows device but wont until i know vindigo works on one of them. any ideas?
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    my guess is because they are the only company to offer such a solution they can acts like j@rks and disregard requests.
    people will either wait or find workarounds and they dont need to spend a dime.
    that is probably why there were no updates for a long long time.

    they dont care, and they know we have no good alternative.

    oh well, it works over styletap now. so i got my "workaround" until/if they get their act together.


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