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    Same for me, tried the fake server and it reverts back to the original setting as soon as I delete the fake server. So much for that fix.

    I don't see AS running, however.
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    Make sure that the battery is fully charged when you try and turn it on.
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    ActiveSync still causing problems.
    Fake server fix worked untill I installed the update.
    I re-created the fake server and set sync to manual. I did not delete the fake server.
    AS restarts whenever I soft reset the device (3-4 x/week). I kill it and it will start on it's own after a while. I can kill it again and the device behaves untill the next reset.
    Any ideas out there?
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    everytime i do a reset, active sync reappears everytime.
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    I was having crashes all the time -- sometimes 3 times a day. The thing that fixed it for me was to delete my hotmail password so my Treo can't go online and check for hotmail every 5 minutes. Since I did that I haven't had a crash/lockup in 5 days (crossing fingers).

    My suspicion is that there's a memory leak in MSN Mobile (but that's just a guess)
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    WOOHOO!! This forum is the best! Im getting so much new info and several fixes for my W!! Thanks.
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