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    Just upgraded my 650 to the 700w today and loaded the Goodlink 4.7 client software. I've noticed one huge difference - on the 700W the contracts do not link to the Goodlink contacts as the 650 did. Any idea on how to resolve that?

    Tim in Tennesse
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    everything else good great
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    Watch your battery life... good is going to kill the battery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dhegge
    Watch your battery life... good is going to kill the battery.
    are you saying that battery life is an issue in the 700w vs. the 650? or with goodlink in general. I have a 650 with goodlink and have no battery issues.
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    Is Good still a hog when it comes to memory? I'm afraid that an out of the box 700w is going to get creamed when Good puts down its huge footprint.
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    I had a Treo600 runnning GL and had no battery issues... I have been running GL on the Treo700 and I have all kinds of Battery issues... I am assuming that this is due to the EVDO radio. While faster I am sure it takes more power to hold the data channel open all day long. I doubt very much if Goodlink will be able to work around this problem. I think that is why Verizon and AUTD both use SMS messages out of band to trigger the client to open the channel and sync... I have been using that for the past couple of days and battery life is much better. Now if I could just find a decent Email cleint that worked with Active Sync... e.g. a replacement front end for Pocket Outlook, that still useds the Outlook mail database and transport. Now that would be cool.

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    Hiyas Dhegge, i have Goodlink installed on my Treo 700 and so far so good, but the real test is yet to come. I installed the device on Friday last but later in the day, and most of my messages come in the early morning hours. I receive hundreds of messages so that too will further factor into the battery matter. I also had Goodlink on my 600 and 650, the product definately factored into the battery life but I was still able to get a workday without a charge. My ppc6601 (out of the box) with Goodlink running would last no more than 4 hours (horrendous). Goodlink on its own uses 3.5mb of ram.
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    Hi, I have been using goodlink on my 700 for over a week now and have not had battery issues. This is probably because I shut off EVDO (#*#3836) unless I need to use the internet. Goodlink works great without EVDO turned on.
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    does GL on the 700 in general though, overtake contacts (and everything else) as it does on my 650? For instance, when I use Snappermail (my personal mail) on my 650, since I have GL on there as well for my work mail, Snapper cannot do any lookup of contacts/email addresses. I know Snapper doesn't run on WM5, but will a GL enabled 700 be able to use the standard WM5 OS email (via POP3) and still make use of the contacts (same question on sending photos via email (not SMS))??
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    Also - in addition to above...with GoodLink - does it break the link and not allow picture dialing from the today screen on th 700? Does it work OK just starting to type a contact from today screen? Thanks!

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