Here it is:

I've been using it on my Treo 700w with no problems whatsoever. It just works. I put it in the Windows\Start Menu of my 700w, and that way it's always available from all apps.

All I have to do is press the Start Key, then the "c" key (for Close All on the Start menu that pops up). That's it. Close All automatically executes, and I get defaulted back into the Today screen, which is right where I want to be after closing all apps. Gives me a fantastic one-handed way to shut down apps. I think the press & hold of the OK key (which then brings up the memory applet with the "Running Programs" tab selected) is a nice tep forward for those of us who have used Pocket PCs before. But I still have to tap on the screen (on the Stop All button on the screen) to close apps, which is less elegant. And this still leaves me in the memory applet, which means I need one more key press to get to the Today screen. Not bad, but I like Close All much better, especially once I put it into the Start Menu.

Try it out, it's FREE!!

Oh yeah...did I mention that it's FREE?!!