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    I'm curious...can we run apps off our cards in the expansion slot? Or do all apps need to be installed on the device?
    Palm 700w
    I'm a newbie to smartphones and the like, so be nice!
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    In WM, for the most part, apps can be run off the phone or from the card. My general rule of thumb that I use is.......if it is something system related (Today Page plugin, utility always running, etc...), if it is a program I use a lot and don't want extra lag time when opening, etc... then install it on the phone.

    EVERYthing else I install on my card. I put all games, multimedia programs, utilities I want but don't use on a daily basis, reference based software (calculator, readers, etc...), support files like email attachments, GPS maps, etc...

    So for example I installed my GPS program on the phone because I don't any extra lag time while loading or running it, but all the maps for the program are on my card.

    My email program, today plugins, etc... are all on my phone since I use them every day several times a day or are system related.

    I hope this helps.

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