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    I am new to the treo, just bought my 700 and love it. The problem I have is email. I have set up a pop3 email account that worked fine for me receiving messages. Once I tried to send a message it hasnt worked right since. when i go to send/receive, it connects and logs on and then goes into "sending mail" and then disconnects with the following message:
    "Messages cannot be downloaded to your mobile device. Make sure that you are connected and that your email account settings are correct. Then try to download messages again"
    I can browse the internet find but the email thing is a problem.
    I have learned alot here and would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks
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    You have probably set the Outgoing settings improperly. Try making sure you have input them properly then try again. You may need to be using a SSL connection...
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    Check this link out and see if it helps at all:

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