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    Having owned a palm pilot, III, color, 505 and T5 (no 600 or 650) I can say that I have had my fill of palm os. it was always a pain and required too many third party apps, even for pim which is at the heart of a pda. WM works out of the box. I am amazed that I have not had to, nor needed to purchase any 3rd party apps to get it running as a pim. The only downside thus far has been active sync, but this thing does sync better than my T5 did which was an absolute nightmare.
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    EVDO is a lot of bandwidth for a wireless device.

    Bandwidth is the killer app for celluar/PDA.
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    Hear Hear, Stoltzman. I've been one of the most vocal M$ critics in the past (look for me on PIC, and I post as klw on BrightHand). I even pioneered the popular T3 battery mods that everybody seems to be doing these days.

    Then I got this 700W. All I can say now is: "Game over POS". The future is here. WM5.0 has finally brought an intuitive GUI to this OS. That was all POS had.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt-Helm
    All i know is that my 700w hasn't reset itself for no apparent reason like my 650 use to....

    Love the EVDO SPEED! Love the multitasking!

    I dont' give two 5hit5 about palm or microsoft. Zero love loss for either one. I've said it before and i'll say it again. Whoever has the deepest pockets is going to eventually write the better software.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Wow. I could think of thousands of instances where that is wrong. Microsoft is behind in almost all of their software. They only have about 20% of the server market compared to the overwhelming 60% that apache has. IE is a big piece of **** compared to firefox, opera, etc. I could go on all day.
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