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    obviously to the owners of the device.

    so far so great with my Treo 700! i love the verizon coverage and absolutely love EVDO! i love WM5, the 5way seems to work even better than WM3 (old device), i love the "look" of the interface, but then again, i was never a palm fanatic. so far so great on the memory front, i'm still waiting for the dreaded slowdown to occur, heaven forbid that i have to close a program or re-boot it. i love the form factor and love the one-handed operation, it's great not having to slide and turn the phone to get to the keyboard. for my needs none of the other phones out there do anything for me, regardless of how much cheaper/more expensive they might be (owned 600, 650, i730, blackberries, ppc6601). not sure how Palm did it but it sure runs a lot faster than my other phones. internet browsing is fast and fun. screen is bright and clear, offers me the space that i need, any bigger and the device becomes bigger or i have to deal with the dreaded pull-out keyboard. battery life seems great, now that i have Goodlink installed i'll have a better idea as to how great the battery life is (and for that matter, memory). i really don't like any of the other pda phones out there, that's why i own this one! when i run into trouble with this phone i'll do the research and find its replacement but right now I don't see anything that comes close that meets my needs, that i like.

    i like this device, it works for me. how about you?

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