I was hoping to see if we can get into the extended ROM to see what customizations Palm put in. It could also be used to add some of the unique 700w's applications to other WM5 devices.

There is no clear way of doing this on the Treo. However on other WM devices the common way is this:

1 - Hard reset the device
2 - Go through the setup prompts until you pass the password prompt. When the device begins to load the today screen it will say "Customizing in 3 Seconds." At that time do a soft reset.
3 - When the phone loads up go to Start - Program - File Explorer. If you see a folder named Extended ROM then you have made the Ext ROM visible.
4 - Go into the folder using activesync on your desktop(explore option) and copy all files in the folder and post them for us to see.

I know it is a pain to Hard Reset a device so there is no pressing need. But if you do a hard reset I would appreciate it to see if you went through the steps.