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    We have had our Treo 700w for 8 days now. There is a lot to like about it, especially compared to a 650 we evaluated last summer. The issue we "think" we are seeing is reception. We had a Verizon LG phone last year and we remember it as having much better reception in the home office and at a client site where we worked this week. We are basing this on the number of bars on the strength meter.

    Can someone that bought a 700w and was already with Verizon comment on both real world experiences with reception and if their previous phone showed the same strength of signal?
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    I am getting identical "bars" and real-world reception as my last phone, at home, work and regular hangouts....
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    Compared to my old Samsung i600, the 700w is a huge improvement in reception.
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    Mine is very comparable to my 650 when it comes to bars. Call clarity is MUCH better on the 700w, though, IMHO.
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    WOW! Thanks guys. The call quailty seems good for us too and EVDO seems to rock even with 1 bar. We just remember seeing more strenght with the older phones.

    The comments about call quality are consistent with our i-Mate SP5m phones. These are maybe the best "phones" we have owned. Plus we seem to get at least one bar more signal strength than with our older SMT5600's, hence the original question.
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    I have a Sprint Treo 650 - I love the phone - I love the apps - I love how intuitive it is - reception, on the other hand, leaves something to be desired. Poor service at home. Dropped calls in 3 or 4 spots I regularly frequent. This inconsistency has always been acceptable to me because I love the Treo 650 so much in many other ways.

    Having said that - I have been using the 700w for one week now. The first few days were a bit tricky, as I was not quite used to the OS (well, on a phone, at least). The service, however, has been top notch since day one. Much more consistent. Few, if any, dropped calls. I also get service in my house. Unquestionably, the telephone service on the Treo 650 (Sprint) cannot compare to the 700w. Add in EVDO and - fuggedaboutit. While I cannot speak to the call clarity or service on the Verizon Treo 650, to me it is an irrelevancy at this point, as the 700w offers so much more.

    Now - bring on the apps already - especially TomTom 5!
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    But is this "Verizon is better than Sprint" or is it "700 is better than 650?"
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    The Treo 700w reception is much better than my Treo 600 and comparable to both XV6600 and old 7135. I have fewer dropped calls, however, and all three phones were on the VZW network.

    There is a spot en route to my office where a call always drops. It has been this way for over 4 years. I usually warn the caller about it or plan to dial back into a conference call that that spot. My calls aren't dropping at that spot with this phone! Granted, VZW may have just threw up a tower in the last few days but I doubt it. As a result of this, I'm 90% sure that I'm keeping the 700w (7 days left).
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    Due to bad reception on the treo 650, I am luke-warm to the 700w until some people can confirm the reception issue was fixed. My kyo 23xx (2000/2002?) phone would do better with both phones (650) sitting side by side. 650 would often send caller right into voicemail while the 23xx would ring every time. After sending the 650 back I got the v710, which rates near the top on reception on verizon.

    Of course, I know some never had any issues with the 650... and maybe I got a bad unit, but many did have issues... as shown on howard forums.

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