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    Well I can't claim much credit here as swifty99 has an excellent post on removing the Treo 650 camera here:

    But I will take credit for being maybe the first guy to try his method on the Treo 700W. Two things - it works! And, it WILL void your warranty.

    There is simply no way to safely remove the warranty sticker as described in swifty99's first step. I don't know if this is a change from the 650 warranty sticker but I was really careful and it immediately showed signs of tampering. But I am a defense contractor and the camera had to go. I have successfully rebooted the phone and even tried the camera app to see if it would crash the phone and all is well. It was a pretty easy process but follow swifty99's advice to use your fingernails - there is no need to use a screwdriver to pop the case apart.

    My Treo 700W observations: I didn't own the earlier model but I have lousy eyes and am very critical of most displays and this screen is terriffic. Lots of controls to adjust text size. The internet is FAST - even in the supposedly slow areas. Keyboard is ok for my fat fingers. Biggest criticism is battery life. I don't use power savings features - I set the phone for how I like it and take what I get. Brighter screen, increased on time before the sleep mode, Bluetooth always on. As such, it has about four hours of battery time with regular-to-heavy phone, Bluetooth headset and internet usage. Recharging takes a LONG time so get another battery (Verizion has a cradle that charges the handset and an extra battery at the same time). I returned my first Bluetooth headset, the Plantronics 320, because of constant static and dropouts. So far, the Jabra seems OK but callers say it picks up a more background noise than it should. It is way cool.
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    Once I just used a drop of white nailpolish over the lens and that was satisfactory at that location. I'm sure white-out would have also work but I knew that a q-tip and nailpolish remover would make it quickly usable when I got home.
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    I may have to do somethig similar soon, but I'm thinking of placing something behind the lens, and leaving the camera as is.

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    anybody want to donate their removed 700w camera so i can experiment with a 650 retrofit?
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    My Treo 650 CINGULAR motherboard needs to be replaced. I want to know if I can swap it with a working one but keeping the daughter board? Because I can get a Treo with a nonworking daughterboard (does not read sim card). Any suggestions?
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    Ok, now how about REVERSING the direction of the camera and drilling a hole in the case so it is front-facing for use with videoconference software like Microsoft Portrait?
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    Does anyone know if the 700P without cam or the 650 without cam case would fit the 700W? I was thinking of doing this procedure and putting a case on the 700w from another treo that didnt include a cam. This would look nicer and be more convincing to security vs plugging the hole with something.
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    I have had first hand experience trying to remove the camera from a 700 wx. It does not come apart like the 650! A few months agao (2) of us, (1) being a mechanical engineer could not figure out how to dissasemble the case to get to the camera. We came very close to releasing the split case halves but we ultimately had to give up........we were afraid we had damaged the Treo due to the prying, etc. but it still worked, and is working to this day.

    Has anybody had success splitting the case on a 700w/wx? If so, I think the camera would be removable.

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