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    First of - as a long time Palm user who has dabbled in WinCE since it first came out I have a bias to the way Palm does things. When the 700w came out, the prospect of faster connections via EVDO once again pulled me to the other side of the force.

    So I installed Active Sync - turned off firewalls, AntiVirus by disabling their startup and rebooting. No connection - device recognized by no sync connection. Finally, after a long and helpful call to Palm support we discovered that AS sometimes fails to bind the TC/IP stack it needs - once we opened the Mobile Device network connections and checked the right bindings, AS worked. Great.

    Got home, wanted to sync with my desktop (I had setup a partnership with my laptop). Fixed the connection bindings, device connected but only as a Guest. Did some digging, discovered the Active Sync folder on my desktop was read only - changed the attribute, resync'd and - came up as Guest - AS reset the attributes.

    Uninstalled and reinstalled aS - no change. More digging revealed that a Reg Key (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services - Key is GuestOnly and must be set to 0 (off) instead of 1 (on)) must be changed. Did that, and no I have a partnership with my Treo - but I can't sync Outlook because it is already set to sync with Outlook in my laptop. Since both use our MS Exchange server they will have similar info - I just want to keep my Treo up to date and have to chose which device I will use, which is a pain because I use the laptop on the road and desktop at home.

    Man, I really miss Hotsync's ability to connect and sync to multiple machines. I have another week to decide if EVDO is worth it - I may reenable my 650 and see how it works with DUN to help decide.
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    If both your laptop and your desktop curently sync with your Exchange server why not setup ActiveSync on your 700 to sync wirelessly with the same Exchange server. Then you will have the same data on all three without the hassle of USB.

    I currently have my 700 setup to wirelessly sync with ActiveSync to my 1and1 hosted exchange server. I also have a Treo 650 USB syncing to a Mac with Entourage (which syncs to the same exchange server). Really works great!! The only drawback is that Entourage will not sync Tasks and Notes and ActiveSync wireless sync will not sync Notes or my SplashID data. These do not change very often so that is ok for now.

    On my 700 AS wireless sync works every time and is fast while the USB sync is slow and sometimes just hangs - and I have tried everything to get it going. MS and Palm need to get on this problem because sooner or later it seems to happen to everybody.


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