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    I can't get Media Player 10 to recognize my 700 when I plug it in to the USB port. Everything I have read says that the Device Wizard will open up automatically the first time you plug the treo in while Media Player is open, but this did not happen for me. Media Player will not recognize my treo and I can't sync any music. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Are you able to sync your other information such as Contacts, Calendar etc.? I understand there is a serious bug with USB sync in the 700w. Many users have reported being unable to sync anything, not just music but data as well. I was about to buy a 700 when I heard of this problem. I went to my local Verizon store and the salesman confirmed the bug and advised me to hold off the purchase until it was fixed. If this is your problem you might want to return the unit while you can and wait for the bug fix.
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    I couldn't sync with my PC via USB initially until I did a fresh hard reset on my device. I've used many Palm OS and PPC devices in the past years, and this was the most frustrating sync experience I've had to date.

    After the hard reset (weird, because the phone was new anyway and had very little on it) the sync went OK.
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    I had the same problem the first time i tried it. The problem occurred because I was not using Windows Media Player 10. After updating to WMP10 I had one last step to perform, I had to set up a partnership between my device and WMP. However WMP would not recognize my device.

    I fixed the problem by going to Control Panel > Add/Remove programs in my computer, selected Microsoft Active Sync 4.0 clicked on Change and then chose the repair option. Basically what that does is it reinstalls your Active Sync program in your computer.

    After the repair it worked fine with the exception of errors when I try to sync a large amount of data. I have a 2GB SD card so I had to sync several times to fill the card with music.

    I have to say that I love the fact that I can sync my phone with windows media player and the fact that I can use it with Napster to go. It works even though it is not listed on Napster’s website as a compatible device.

    What I love the most about it is that it will also sync my ratings. So if I give a song a 5 star rating on my phone that change will carry over to my computer. This is great for those who love to micro manage their music. I personally find that it is much easier to rate my songs while on the go rather than sitting in front of my computer and going though hundreds of songs and rating each. However I wish that there was a way to sort my music on the device by star rating.
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    Thanks akacaj. Re-installing Active Sync 4.1 worked. I guess you must install WMP10 prior to installing Active Sync to get WMP to recognize the Treo. Thanks for your help.
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    I'm having a slightly different and very frustrating problem related to the synchronization of DRM-protected subscription music.

    I have WMP10 and it does recognize both my Treo 700 and the 1GB Sandisk SD card inserted in it. It allows me to set up partnerships and synchronization rules for both the SD card and the internal RAM.

    It will happily synchronize non-protected files to either location. It will also synchronize protected files to the internal RAM. However, it will not sync protected WMAs (downloaded from Napster and Yahoo) to the SD card. If I try to do it through WMP, I get an error saying the license could not be obtained. I can manually put them on the SD card by using windows explorer, but when I try to play them on the device, it pops up an error message saying something about a DRM error.

    Does anyone know what I need to do to get protected files to sync to the SD card???

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