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    I don't have the 700W yet but I just saw this:

    This is the one thing that is holding me back from buyer a WM5 device. Maybe someone can test and report back.
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    Has anyone tried this yet? My 1GB card should be arriving soon (thanks Newegg - only $35 after rebate!) and then I can test it out.
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    You are not buying a WM5 device because of reading that?

    Attachments go to the card and it is set from the POutlook app under "options".
    The key under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\MAPI is
    \\Storage Card2\Inbox.mstxxxxxxx..."
    and attachments are definitely stored on my card.
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    Thanks Beryl. I've searched multiple forums and everything I've read so far indicates that there is no reg hack to enable storage of the actual emails themselves on the SD card. Has anyone else seen otherwise?

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