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    I have setup my Hotmail account on the Treo 700 and have set the delivery seetings to check for new messages every 10 minutes. However it does not check for new messages and I have to manually check each time.

    In addition to the Hotmail account I have the Exchange account configured to work with our Exchange system and that works just fine. Plus I recieve text messages as well just fine.

    Are others of you having similar issues?
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    I had the same problem....are you doing hotmail through the pocket MSN thing? If so, erase the account and try this.....go to and download a little program called HTTP Mail.....just be sure to erase ur setting for pocket msn prior, or it gets confused....set it up on your Treo and follow the directions and it will give you full control of your hotmail account through pocket outlook, allow you to download as often as you want and also download as much of the email as you want, not just the default 2k.....hope this helps

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    this was exactly what i was looking for but i can't seem to setup it up correctly. i erase my saved password and choose switch user in the msn options before i installed httpmail. but when i make a new account it goes right to the msn screen...what am i doing wrong? =\

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    I am also trying to do this, but I am having trouble setting up http mail.
    Can you give some detailed instructions on how you got it to work?


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