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    Is there a task manager out there that does not require you to use the touchscreen? So far I'm using MagicButton but it requires using the stylus.

    A good one would have button combos you'd press to switch between apps (like alt-tab on windows) and even to close them.
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    GSPocket Magic (free)
    SmallMenu (shareware)

    Wisbar Advance developer is coming up with one soon.

    Google these.
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    I like HandySwitcher for this. HanyMenu is also useful.
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    The "Handys" are good but you have to touch the screen. I don't think you can avoid it.
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    Tried wisbar advance--too powerful for me and it hijacked the icons across the top. I prefer the default icons because of the data coverage indicators--whether EV-DO or 1XRTT are present or active and I couldn't figure out how to get wisbar to do that.

    Then I tried GS Pocket Magic, but it's visually unappealing to me--replaces the start windows icon and the ok icon it just looks scrappy.

    Now I'm on a small menu plus trial and I'm a big fan...very small app--about 110K between two programs, runs nice and clean, one handed task manager and cascading menus and doesn't take over the icon bar.
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    You avoid touching the screen by adding HandySwitcher and HandyMenu to the start menu. Then press start, N, to bring up the tasks in HandySwitcher. They really should have added letter shortcuts for the tasks so you would not have to use the down button to navigate to a task.

    I thought there were compatability problems between smallmenu and the 700w but I may have been mistaken. I had several misbehaving programs at the time. I will wait until Sprite backup is released on 2-7-06 to give SmallMenu another try.
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    Smallmenu Plus just takes a LONG time to initiate. It could be because I have a lot of folders in \Windows\Start Menu\Programs. I do like the way it has letter shortcuts for the first of the cascading menus. I keep bouncing between GSPocket Magic and Smallmenu Plus while I'm waiting for the Wisbar lite code to be released.
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    Wisbar definitely looks like it is worth a try in addition to Smallmenu plus. But I have had too many problems with Treo 700w incompatability to install anything without first backing up with Sprite. Vito ButtonMapper was a system destroyer for example.
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    It's driving me batty that I can't find a way to check the boxes for completed tasks in the Tasks app on the 700w. Could it really be true that to mark a task Complete I need to open that task, click Edit, touch or scroll to Status, pull down Complete and click that?

    If that's the case, what 3rd party app would you recommend to replace Tasks... anything reliable, easy to use, and syncs to Outlook?

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    @ pfr
    You have a problem using the Task (or To Do) application. This thread is about managing applications (or tasks) that are running on the device.

    You might want to start a new thread so your issue won't get lost.
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    Thanks, Beryl, I'll do that.
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    I found a great program that allows one handed operation:

    I set it so that it to load the program when you press and hold OK. Soft reset can be done as well as task manager.
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    So it worked with using the OK button?
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    Sweet! Thanks for the info.
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    A program that actually does what it says it does and nothing more. I'm grateful.

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    Haha. Glad to be of service. BTW, I stopped using it. I just set it back to default and like it better. With that prog I began to get obsessive with making sure nothing was running and was constantly checking. Not good...

    I also received an email about an update to that prog coming in April.
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    So to sum then: the app by insoftwarehouse allows for 100% stylus-free task managment??
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