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    I went to the dark side last night and picked up a 700 to see. I really want the EVDO. In my first couple of hours the BIGGEST thing I'm frustrated by (aside from all the *$#@% menu's) is the e-mail client. Having become adicted to Chatter, the e-mail (in my opinion the killer app on a device like this) SUCKS on the 700. I can get some of my mail, but not my corporate stuff like I can with Chatter OWA.

    What are other people using? If I can't find something better this is going back.
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    I didn't use Chatter on my 650, but I have setup my 700w to connect to the Exchange server at work. Works great. Email interface is ok, but everything happens seamlessly, including syncing contacts and calendar.
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    Of course the down side is that now I get my work email all the time :-)
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    I actually like the Treo 700w email. I have mine configured to use the SMS trigger with our Exchange Server. I find it pretty close to push. I have owned the Blackberry 8700 and Treo 650 and find this way to be a happy medium. I will of course upgrade to the MS service pack that includes Direct Push for WM5 to get true push.
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    chatter with OWA would be huge. the 700w email is total garbage and buggy. if you are an IT administrator with time and accEss to your server, you MIGHT be able to get Activesync to work....but mine has not despite all the help out there on these boards.

    David Dionne...are you listening...develop a windows application...PLEASE
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    The closest, IMO, to Snappermail/Chatter is WebIS. I hear that WM5 is not fully supported but the 240X240 screen is. They are working on WM5 so send your card/letters to them.

    The freeware, Qmail, isn't bad either. Do a search and you should find it easily.
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    i use chatter on my 650 for just IMAP emails because I don't have an exchange server. i like chatter a lot, but not yet tried the outlook version. I know it can do imap also, but i wonder if it is as easy and functional. Can you move messages to other folders with just a few clicks? does it synchronize properly? I like to just push the button when i check my email and would want the same from outlook.
  8. #8 almost ready for prime time. Chatter-like IMAP push for PPC
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