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    On internet explorer does anybody know how to scroll down page by page
    like on the 650, instead of going link by link.
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    I believe you hold down the OPTION key and then push UP/DOWN on the 5-WAY.

    That's what I have heard, anyway.
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    Yep option key. I am posting now with my 700w. I DO agree going link by link sucks.
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    It would have been nice if Palm had made the Treo's 5-way nav work on the 700 like on the 650: up/down to go page by page and right/left to go link by link.
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    There is a registry hack that will allow you to scroll page by page, but you will have to tap the screen for links since it won't be highlighting each link anymore. The reg. hack is in Tweaks2k or you can try it yourself. I cannot remember what the hack is since I now use Tweaks2k, but a search on XDADevelopers under the Wizard forums or on Howardforums might get you there...

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