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    It was enabled when I was setting up and tinkering with the phone. I got frustrated with it and hit the don not prompt option. Now I would like to have it enabled again as I am midway through programming my contacts.

    Any ideas?

    Contact Addition: There is an option you can turn on and off when you place or receive a call from someone not in your contact list, when the call is over you are asked if you want to add them into your list.

    Thanks in advance!
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    It sounds like you are referring to the checkbox in Phone Settings

    "After calls from numbers that are not in Contacts, ask if I want to add them."
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    I also wanted to find the answer to this. Done a lot of forum search and so far all I have found is that it seems that sprint has a different phone options menu than cingular, not sure because I can't seem to find that option on my cing-650.
    Also, some have reported that they get a reset when they choose to add a contact from last call. Would like some more info on this topic.
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    Beryl, that's exactly it. Any ideas on how to enable it?
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    I wanted that feature back also.
    So, I did it the hard way. I did a zero-out reset.
    I wanted to do a clean re-install of everything anyway.
    Now I got it back.
    But, I would still like to know how to re-enable it, just in case I accidently ck the don't ask again box.

    On kinda a related note: I like using CallNotes and would like the feature to pop-up at the end of the call, and possibly have the option to add to contacts also. I'm going to talk to them.

    Or is there a program that does a pop-up at the end of call for options like these.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wingnut33
    Beryl, that's exactly it. Any ideas on how to enable it?
    Sorry, I didn't tell you specifically how to get to "Phone Settings".

    Press the Menu key from the Today screen, press "P" for preferences, then press "P" for phone settings.
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    The Today Screen in Calender?
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    On WM devices, the "Today Screen" is the first screen that comes up when you reset your device. It is called the "Today Screen" or the "Home Screen". You will see the "Menu" option on the right hand side. Press "Menu" with a stylus or press the associated button.
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    Boy! did I get lost.
    I need to start watching for what forum I'm in.
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    Thanks Beryl! That did the trick!

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