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    Why in an EVDO area am I getting such slow speeds?
    Any one else beta testing PDANet?

    If you are want to try to do this test and see what speeds you are getting?

    Treo 700w
    PDANet Beta
    Orlando, FL 32825


    183.2 kilobits per second
    Communications 183.2 kilobits per second
    Storage 22.4 kilobytes per second
    1MB file download 45.8 seconds
    Subjective rating Mediocre
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    That's better than I'm getting (I can't even get a result on that page). Which test do you run? Try going to and run a test there.

    I get anywhere between 400 and 800 kilobits/second.
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    185.6KBits 23.2KBytes

    Still not to happy thought I was going to get faster speeds. What I mistaken or is it a service issue?
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    582.9 kilobits per second

    Communications 582.9 kilobits per second
    Storage 71.2 kilobytes per second
    1MB file download 14.4 seconds
    Subjective rating Not bad
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    714.7 kilobits per second

    Communications 714.7 kilobits per second
    Storage 87.2 kilobytes per second
    1MB file download 11.7 seconds
    Subjective rating Good
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    722.1 kilobits per second

    Communications 722.1 kilobits per second
    Storage 88.1 kilobytes per second
    1MB file download 11.6 seconds
    Subjective rating Good

    I think I'm done. This is pretty damn impressive. Still ordered the Wifi card - really curious to see results with that bad boy.
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    742.4KBits 92.8KBytes
    This is from

    Ok - now I am really done.
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    in my experience evdo is flaky. one minute it is zipping, the next it is much slower.
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    I thought we were supposed to be getting avg 100 - 200 KBytes? Does any one here subscribe the data only service. The one with the PCMCIA card for laptops? I would like to know what kind of speeds those users are getting?
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    i had the pc card for two years ending a couple of months ago. speeds varied.
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    What speeds did you get?
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    AdamG was that with PDANet or directly in your 700w ie browser?
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    I got 614kbps using using the 600k file download test last week. One day I got 124kbps but only for a short period and then it jumped back up. Today I am getting 958kbps and once I got 1009kbps!
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    so what do we do if we arent getting very fast speeds. If we call verizon is there something on their end that can be fixed
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    I was at a verizon store playing with a 700W and found evdo disappointingly slow. I asked the sales person if evdo was set up on the treo and she said yes. I asked why it is so slow and she replied it is all subjective. I then did a test with dslreport and it was only 109k and pointed it out to her that it is not subjective and that it is indeed slow. I asked her to ask the tech to check if the phone was set up correctly and whether there was a network problem. She came back and gave me an 800 # to call.
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    I got 500kbits 62.5kbytes - did this on my treo 700w

    then i did it on my work computer and got only 516.8KBits 64.6KBytes. Guess everyone is downloading stuff.
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    700w - 500Kbits / 62.5KBytes
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    For all of you that are getting results from, what are you clicking on to run the test? I can't seem to figure out how to get results on that page.
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    In case you have not noticed, when tethered, the 700 automatically uses your computer's internet connection. I believe this required a program/add on or crazy work around on the 650. Right now i am getting 2.5 MBps on my 700 tethered.

    Anyone know if this works via bluetooth connection (I dont have one now)?
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