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    well I tested my boss's verizon PCMCIA card and he got 2.4 MBS, I was shocked. Isnt this the same technology as EVDO? Why on my phone in the same area was I only getting 100KBytePS downloads speeds?

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    Any one want to answer this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dyerucf
    I thought we were supposed to be getting avg 100 - 200 KBytes? Does any one here subscribe the data only service. The one with the PCMCIA card for laptops? I would like to know what kind of speeds those users are getting?
    In Nth New Jersey I am getting 800-1365kps with a merlin card on average.

    Highest was 16xxkps , I was pretty happy with that as sprint said there was No evdo in Nth NJ.

    Tests were done on the cnet bandwidth site
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    Quote Originally Posted by psywzrd
    For all of you that are getting results from, what are you clicking on to run the test? I can't seem to figure out how to get results on that page.
    The big START button on the left hand side of the page.
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    In town, results of the tests via EVDO on the 700w is as expected (300-600kb/s). I do notice that is more optimistic than Dslreports. Dslreports always reports a lower figure. on your PIE.

    I am now in an area with only 1xRTT and I'm making some observations worthy of concern.

    With my EVDO/1xRTT AirPrime PCMCIA, I get between 90 and 120K from Dslreports. This is a very normal result with 1xRTT.

    With my 700w, the 200K or 600K test will always yield ~25 kb/s, no matter what I do. I've soft reset the device and nothing else is running. I have the PC with the AirPrime and the 700w side-by-side and ran about 20 tests in the past 12 hours. The Treo seems to pull the data okay for a while then it just stalls at the 120k-180k point. After a while, Dslreports comes back and tells me that the speed is around 25kb/s.

    When I run the 50k or 100k test, then I get a speed rating of ~90kb/s.

    I've run speed tests several other PPC/WM devices and never seen this stalling before.

    Could there be some sort of cap placed on the device to prevent tethering?

    Can the folks in the 1xRTT area run the same tests and report the results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwindsurfer
    The big START button on the left hand side of the page.
    Ok - that would be my bad. I was going to (forgot the "d" before the "t") instead of
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    So you think there is a cap on the phone to prevent teathering? Any one think there is any way to remove this cap? I would love to be able to get true broadband with pdanet
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    Treo 700w -

    102.5 kbps Verizon EVDO connection in Annapolis, MD
    Storage 12.5 kbps
    Mediocre rating

    Streaming internet music over Windows Media player plays without being to jittery. Internet pages display fairley quickly at this speed.

    Is there a way I can see how busy the processor is while running different apps etc.?
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    So I am guessing there is no way to remove the cap to allow faster teather speeds?
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    dyerucf: or anyone else for that matter....

    do any of you guys know if unchecking the "data compression" box in the manage network connections settings increases speed or for that matter affects connection speeds at all??

    it is located in settings/connections/manage existing connections/edit/next/next/advanced/"use software compression"

    i was reading on that it makes a difference.....still dont understand what exactly this does.
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    Funny I tried this DSL test on my 650 with webviewer and at 600k it said " To fast< choose a bigger file"

    That's the biggest file they have.
  12. #32 is an interesting utility. I just tested my Treo 600 in Stuart, Fl and the results were 452 kb/sec. This surely seems way too high for 1xRTT. Does this site inflate the results for some strange reason? Thanks.
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