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    I had a Cingular Treo 650 and was wondering if the wall & car charger will work properly for my new 700. Anyone know for sure? Thanks
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    Yes, chargers and most, if not all accessories are interchangeable.
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    I'm using my old Palm 650 cradle/dock and it works fine.

    But per Palm has stated that some 650 car chargers may cause trouble with the 700w.,CASE=41218

    If the car charger is labeled "PalmOne", it may exhibit the aforementioned problem. I ended up returning the car charger I had ordered from the Treo Store for this very reason. I ordered the car charger from Palm for $14.99 (which is supposedly modified for the 700w), since they are running a 50% off special for 700w owners. Ordered yesterday and was notified it shipped today.

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