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    Has anyone had a problem with the battery cover being loose on their Treo 700? I guess there is nothing that can be done about this but it is pretty annoying because it makes the quality of the Treo feel cheap when the battery cover moves around while using the treo.
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    I have the same problem, I put a piece of folded paper between the batter and the cover and it takes care of the problem.
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    Is there a small piece of foam on the inside of your battery door? There should be.
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    I do not see a small piece of foam. Is it connected to the batter cover? Thanks for the help.
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    No foam or loose cover.
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    Does anyone with a 700W have the foam on the cover? I believe it may only be on the 650. Thanks.
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    If you don't have the foam, maybe adding a small piece or perhaps a small bandage would fix the problem.
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    No foam here, no loose cover either.
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    No foam or loose cover on mine either.
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    The one I got today doesn't have a loose cover, but it's "creaky" pressing on keys with fingers holding it on the back make it creak. By contrast my 650 is rock solid with no noise.

    Anyone else's like this? Any noises or creaks from the battery cover?
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    My cover has no foam, but the cover fits solidly to the phone and does not creak.

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    I have no foam, but a few weeks ago I grew tired of the spongy feel that I experienced when using the device one-handed. This sponginess was due to the battery cover. I put several layers of tape on the inside of the cover to minimize the gap between the battery and the inside of the cover. Better, but still not perfect. To me, this is the creaking that people are complaining about.
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    E-grips comes with a couple of alcohol based towlette thingies , I used one pre-application of the the e-grips and stuck the other under the cover. Others keep a spare $20 bill in there....a quik ref card, old GF phone number or whatever.

    The towlette thibgies come in gandy when ya get goo on ya Treo.

    See a bunch of them here but not the individually packaged ones

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